Wednesday, June 10, 2015

FAQs: Singapore & I

Some of you would know that I recently left Penang for Singapore for work. And if I haven't already answered them personally, some of you would have questions about the move. Hopefully this post will answer some of them. 

"Where are you working in Singapore?"
In a local/boutique PR agency within Singapore's central business district.

"What are you working as?"
I'm a Junior Account Executive but I am not an accountant nor does my job involve anything to do with accounting. In the PR industry, accounts = clients/client work.

For example: "What account are you working on?" "Oh, I'm working on the product launch of Brand X." 

"Where are you staying?"
Not far from town, not far from where my office is. But then again nothing is really that far.

"How did you get the job?"
By my damn self. I googled, I updated my resume, I wrote my cover letter, I sent out emails to companies and then I waited for replies. 

I am actually really proud of this fact because I like to think of this fact as a slap to the face for all those who thought that I'd have it easy because a) I'd just work for my dad or b) Get a job through one of my dad's connections. 

"Why Singapore? Got boyfriend in Singapore?"
First of all,
Why do I have to have a boyfriend in Singapore (or anywhere else) for me to want to work there? I mean is it really that hard to comprehend a girl moving somewhere for her own damn self? I think not having a boyfriend at all actually made the decision to move easier. Less strings, less feelings to worry about. 

In all honesty, a few years ago I told Dharm that I could see myself working in Singapore more than I could see myself working in KL. Till today, that rings true still. Being in KL for the last 3 years has definitely changed my perspective of the city in good and bad ways. Unfortunately for me, the bad outweighs the good. The biggest factor in choosing Singapore over KL is that Singapore is so much safer than KL. Not many people will understand it but the feeling of having to live in constant fear is incredibly tiring. Having to watch over your own shoulder 24/7 is not fun. Brisk walking to your car in the parking lot while clutching your bags tightly is tiring. Going to sleep at night wondering if you've turned on the house alarm is tiring. Even stopping by the petrol station to fill the tank got my eyes darting all around to make sure no strange man somehow crawls into my car or something of that sort. All these fears, while they may seem irrational to most, are heightened by the fact that I was robbed during my first year in KL. The incident traumatised me, badly. After 3 years of living like that, I've had enough. It is way too tiring.

"Why not Penang? Why not work for your dad?"
Right now, what I want to do is PR. Shocking as it may seem, I actually quite enjoy it. PR in Penang is a no go, to put it simply. While I could work for my dad, I really want to dip my feet in the PR industry at this moment. I could do marketing comm for the hotel but I learnt from my lecturers and friends that when starting out in PR, it is always best to start in an agency. That way I get exposure to different types of clients which will enable me to learn a lot more than I would if I were to work in-house. 

Working for my dad has always been at the back of my mind since I was young and that hasn't changed. For now, working elsewhere to gain as much knowledge and experience as I can is what I think I need. So that in the future when I do work for my dad, I will be of way more use.  

"Not coming back to Penang already lor like that!"
Wrong. I know most people who move to Singapore don't come back because of all the $$$$ they make (especially now when the exchange rate is like OMG WHAT!) and that's good for them y'know, for having a successful career in Singapore. But family is and always has been way more important to me than anything else. Penang will always, always, always be home. Nothing is ever going to change that. That said - I will be back. 

Also, nobody does "Penang food" better than Penang.

Please relax - I am not blogging in the office. This is a scheduled post.


  1. I agree about the BF part. Makes moving easier haha

    1. I know right!! Can you faster get married. Hahahahhaha!

  2. Super proud of you Yan. I am really.
    When you go over, be open like what you did in KL. To know that this world is not confine to 4 walls but way much bigger. But the end of it after you have soaked and learn much what you can. Remember where your home is =). Sometime we tend to forget even my self with luxuries but I know for sure u won't. =) from *hujan*

    1. Awww jennyyyy! This made me smile!! Thanks so much for your encouragement. I really appreciate it! See you when I'm back (or if you come over)! :)