Thursday, April 02, 2015

It's official - I'm getting old

It's come to the point where I find myself having conversations like this with the younger kids (who aren't really kids anymore) from church: "How's school? Wait - how old are you? YOU'RE IN COLLEGE ALREADY?"

And it's not only that. I watched Ah Boys to Men 3 (I'm a big fan of the franchise - don't judge me please) with Sofia and I swear apart from this one older couple sitting behind us, we were the oldest people in the cinema. We were surrounded by school kids. PLUS, there was a funny line about how one of the characters intends to work in KPMG after his army stint but I was the only one who laughed. I didn't laugh because I think working in KPMG is funny okay. I laughed because I found it so random. Anyway, Sofia and I laughed again near the end of the movie when KPMG reps showed up on screen supposedly recruiting talent for the company. We were the only ones who found it funny. I figured we either laugh at things extremely easily or everyone else just had no sense of humour. But I realized later that it was probably because nobody understood what KPMG is, because all they need think about right now is PT3 and SPM.

I guess the fact that I am no longer a student and am about to start my first real job soon also makes me feel older. Having to think about salary, savings, rent, taxes and the whole shebang... suddenly, being in a Media Law lecture doesn't seem so bad. Conversations with my girl friends have gone from "What did you get for that mid-term?" to "How many days of annual leave do you get?"

You guys, it is apparently time for me to be a big girl but like, can I not?

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