Thursday, November 06, 2014

Be the next ChiChi & ChaCha Star

In my last post, I said my next update would be a happier one. Well I'm making good on that promise and bringing you happy/good news, especially if you like watching children's TV programmes. We've all heard of Hi-5, we've grown up with Barney & Friends and Sesame Street. All those were fun and all but none of them were Malaysian-made. But now, that draught is over with the arrival of ChiChi & ChaCha and their friends Atan and Hujan! 

ChiChi & ChaCha is the first Malay edutainment show in Malaysia that combines 3D animation with real life hosts. Together, they teach children through song, dance, story time, arts and crafts and interactive problem solving. ChiChi & ChaCha or more simply known as CC2, is an edutainment brand that creates 360 content for children. The show is only 30-minutes long and airs three times a day, every Monday to Friday on Astro Ceria (Channel 611) and Astro MayaHD (Channel 135).

I don't know about you but for me, learning anything at all is so much more fun when there's music. You might think I may be a little too old for CC2 but I managed to catch an episode on TV while I was back in Penang and it was actually pretty interesting and it also made me realise how rusty my Malay is now after 5 years of not using it daily. The set of the show is full of colours (I am very easily attracted to bright colours) and the songs and dance moves are catchy and easy to learn. Your BM will also most likely improve from watching this show since it is entirely in Malay, which is good because then, "Hello 'A'!" in UPSR/PMR (do they still have this exam?!)/SPM. The hosts of the show (there are five of them) are a talented bunch of actors/actresses and singers and they're still so young, all below 20! 

Harris, Leen, Afeiq, Sweet and Farisha

ChiChi & ChaCha are tiger siblings while Atan is a monkey and Hujan is a...Tarzan? Hahahah that's the first thing that comes to mind when I see him. He's probably based off Sarawakian or Sabahan heritage though as he carries a blowpipe around with him. The animations for the show, while they are no match for Pixar, are still adorably cute and lovable. And just to be clear, ChiChi is the male tiger while ChaCha's the female tiger/tigress - that purple flower in your hair, girrrrl, you got style. 

See? Quite cute, kan? Atan's hair is so damn stylo and Hujan's hair looks so bouncy like, I can't even take it... Animated characters have better looking hair than me. 

So okay, anyway, here's where things get even better. Following the recent premiere of the series on Astro, there's going to be a star search for kids and teens happening very soon

In collaboration with and Big Fish Media (who are the brains behind the show), proPassion Communications has organised "Be The Next ChiChi & ChaCha Star" for anyone aged between 6 to 18 years old. Yes, you read that right. 6 to 18. If I was four years younger and had more confidence and less stage fright and way more talent, I would totally jump at this chance. Winners (one boy, one girl) of the search will walk away with RM1,000 cash in their pocket okay! They'll also get the chance to train, choreograph and perform with the CC2 hosts during the show's roadshow next year! If that's not a good enough deal, I don't know what is. Your 90-seconds of fame on stage will be extended to next year and it might even lead you to be picked up and signed by talent companies or music labels. Ripple effect, people, ripple effect...

It's super easy to join, alright so there's really no excuse for any of you talented human beings who are interested in taking part. All you gotta do is 
  1. Register here -
  2. Take a video of whatever your talent is (you can sing, dance, play a musical instrument or even act) in 15 seconds or less and upload it to your Instagram account (make sure it's public!) and then share it on your Facebook account. 
  3. In your video, be sure to shout out "Saya nak jadi bintang ChiChi & ChaCha!
  4. In your Instagram post, tag one of your favourite CC2 hosts (@afeiq, @farisha_iris, @jazashazleen, @harrisalif, or @fqisminaa) and @chichidanchacha. 
Ain't it simple, now? 

From the entries, 30 participants will be chosen to move on to the Challenge Round on Saturday, 15th November where they will get 90-seconds to perform live for the audience and the judges. Only the Top 10 contestants will proceed to the Grand Final the next day, 16th November. There, finalists will be given a total of 4 minutes to showcase their talent one last time and dance to the CC2 theme song. If the song doesn't get stuck in your head after watching this, you are my hero.  

If you're too shy or if you know of someone who you think should give this competition a go, you have the option of taking part in the nominating contest. This special contest provides a special reward for the nominators where they have to nominate ONE talented person around them and showcase the person’s talent within 15 seconds or less. Should the nominees be selected as a finalist on the Challenge Round, he or she will win RM100 in cash and a free autographed ChiChi & ChaCha T-shirt.

You have till the end of TODAY to submit your entries so hurry and get recording/nominating! :) 

Not interested in joining the competition? That's alright! You're still invited to watch the contestants battle it out on stage on the 15th and 16th of November which is next Saturday and Sunday at Main Place, USJ. You might even get the chance to meet some of the hosts and ChiChi & ChaCha too! 

OH and if you'd like to know more about CC2, visit their website at
For contest updatates, like proPassion Communications' Facebook Page at and follow them on Instagram at @propassioncomms

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